Music Video Concept


Dorobantu Film Television will soon launch an ENTIRELY NEW, 100% ORIGINAL and DEFINITELY REVOLUTIONARY TYPE OF MUSIC VIDEO CONCEPT, which is totally different from all concepts used so far and therefore will bring The Artist using it for the first time in the attention of the whole world, in such a manner that even persons who are not directly interested in music, but who do watch TV, will notice the extraordinary novelty!


This truly unique type of concept will open a whole new era in the history of music video production!


Compared to this type of concept, all concepts used so far will suddenly look old-fashioned, and other artists will certainly start imitating The Artist who will have the glory of being The One to bring this type of concept to the music market and who undoubtedly will enjoy the related financial success!


Because, remember, this is not just another music video idea or treatment among many others - no matter how interesting they might be - but AN ENTIRELY NEW TYPE of music video concept! In other words: A NEW WAY OF MAKING MUSIC VIDEOS!


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Advertising Concepts & Production


We develop and produce 100% original and highly effective advertising clips for absolutely all branches and products.


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Programme Formats


Dorobantu Film & Television is the creator and owner of several 100% original, cost effective, perfectly feasible and highly entertaining (as well as cultural) TV-formats with great market potential (sensational quiz / game shows).


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